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Warehouse Cranes and Hoists

Whatever your lifting and moving needs, Madland Toyota-Lift has the warehouse cranes and hoists you are looking for in Bakersfield, Santa Maria, and Oxnard. Balancers, accumulators, vacuum lifts and cranes are just a few of the warehouse products we offer to make warehouse lifting smarter and more efficient. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you decide on the right lifting equipment for your needs and will make sure that it gets installed to your specifications. We have great selection of cranes and hoists to choose from, including:

Bridge Cranes

  • Modular manual system to 4,000 lbs capacity
  • Floor or ceiling mounted

Single-Girder Cranes

  • Underhung or top running to 50 tons
  • Frequency controls available
  • Single or double girder

Jib Cranes

  • Floor or column mounted
  • Capacities to 5 tons
  • Manual or powered rotation
  • custom or standard sizes
  • Quick ship available


  • Chain or wire rope
  • Electric or air
  • Manual or motorized trolleys
  • 1/4 ton to 10 ton capacities